Factors Affecting the Number of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Using a space appropriately and correctly can become a daunting task and the most asked question – how many sliding wardrobe doors should you have? The ideal way to decide how many doors you’re going to have is to consider the following factors:

 Accessibility: When it comes to the interiors, you are supposed to make a choice of the types of storage that you will need and what is the best option that will work for you. Moreover, you have to consider the items that you will be storing and how you will be storing them. If you are planning to have shelving and hanging space in your wardrobe then the number of doors will be little more flexible according to the size of the opening.

With larger spaces, you have more choice as to the number of doors: Depending on the opening space how wide it is you can choose the right number of sliding doors. For instance, with opening space of around 1400mm, two sliding doors are sufficient.

Sliding wardrobe doors uses a simple track to open and close. These doors are much in demand as they provide a more modern feel to wardrobes. An increasing number of wardrobes nowadays use sliding doors to provide a contemporary look to the interior décor.

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