The great debate: security screen doors, safety doors or barrier doors?

With so many different types of security screen doors on the market, how do you know which one is right for your home? A barrier door? Safety screen door? Security screen? Even though they may do similar things, there are many differences between the different types of security doors.

What is a barrier screen?

A barrier screen (otherwise called a safety screen) is what the name entails: a barrier. Often used to keep bugs out, it allows air to flow. It’s important to note that a barrier screen is not a security door. A barrier screen or safety screen may look like a security screen, but it has not met the Australian Standards for security screens. And, while a safety screen may deter opportunistic criminals, it cannot guarantee to prevent break-ins. 


What is a security screen door?

Designed to withstand forced entry, all security screens in Australia must pass several tests to meet Australian Standards AS5039-2008. The tests include: 

If a screen does not pass the tests, it cannot be called a security screen in Australia! Therefore if you want the toughest security on the market, purchase a security screen door. 


Security screens for your home

Made in Australia, Geelong Security Doors security screen doors are top-notch quality with top-notch security. With seamless welded corners, our Prowler Proof Diamond, ForceField and Protec security screen doors eliminate the need to worry about break-ins! And with a full replacement 10-year warranty, you know we stand behind our products. 

Call  (03) 5256 2985 and have our mobile showroom come to you to see the difference a security door or window can make in your home. Get a free measure and quote, select your frames, colours, and mesh, and then leave it to us to manufacture your customised security doors in Geelong. 

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