Australia is famous for many things, most of them good. Unfortunately, insects and flies in particular, are not in this category. We’re famous for them, but they are annoying, unsanitary and potentially pose a health risk. Australia is teeming with flies and Geelong is no exception, but the good news is you can keep your home free from these small intruders with the best selection of flyscreen doors in Geelong.

Aside from keeping your house pest free, some of the many other benefits of flyscreen doors and insect screens in Geelong include:

  • Allow sunlight and fresh air into your house
  • Keep your family protected from diseases that insects carry
  • No more need for flyspray and other chemicals
  • Save money on electricity used by air conditioning or fans
  • Uninterrupted sleep
  • Choose from a wide range of colours and styles to ensure they look great


With flyscreen doors in Geelong, you can enjoy all the advantages of insect free living without any hassle. Made locally, our range of flyscreen doors are custom made and built to last. Because they are tailored to your individual doors, we can fit them to any style of frame, whether that is an unusual hinge variety or a sliding door. Simply choose the colour and the mesh option (see below) that best suits your property and needs, and we will manufacture the best flyscreen doors in Geelong and elsewhere for you.


They same advantages of flyscreen doors also apply to our insect screens in Geelong. Keep the insects out and the fresh air and sunlight in, with our perfectly fitted screens. These are hand measured to ensure they match all types of windows first time, every time.

Mesh Options