If you read one article about locks, read this one!

All locks require regular maintenance to keep them in working order. For those of us living along Bellarine Peninsula coast or Surf Coast, our locks get clogged with salt spray in addition to the construction dust and other airborne particles. 

Regular lock cleaning

Generally, it is recommended you clean your exterior locks every six months. However, if you live near the coast or have a construction site near you, we recommend cleaning your exterior locks every three months. 


Cleaning locks is usually straightforward, however, using the wrong cleaning agents could ruin your lock. Read on to learn the correct way to clean locks.

How to clean your Prowler Proof security door lock

Follow the process below to prevent damage when cleaning your door locks.

1/ use a soft bristle brush to clean the surface of the lock

2/ dilute mild liquid detergent in warm water 

3/ whip down the lock with a soft cloth taking care not to get liquid in the silver cylinder

Make sure you do not use abrasive cleaning agents when cleaning your lock. Mild liquid detergent diluted with warm water will suffice to clean the lock’s exterior. 

Lubricate key cylinders 

Typically, we suggest you lubricate your key cylinders annually. However, if you have a difficult time inserting or retracting the key lubricate the cylinder for better use. To lubricate your key cylinder apply a small amount of powdered graphite (available at your local hardware store) to the key. Next, insert the key into the lock barrel, then lock and unlock the lock a few times, removing the key once the process is smooth.

Problems with locks

Luckily, Prowler Proof security doors feature high-performance Lockwood triple point locks. With a well-established reputation for high-quality products, Lockwood locks have two options to lock the door. First, the privacy locking option ensures security for occupants whilst allowing anyone to exit with the flick of an internal lever. Deadlocking, the second locking option, provides extra protection requiring a key to unlock the door to enter or exit. 

Replacement warranty

Furthermore, all of our security doors come with a 10-year replacement warranty, so no need to worry about damaged locks. If you do need to claim damage to your Prowler Proof security door or lock on the off chance, fill out the online form or contact Geelong Security Doors on (03) 5256 2985

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