Secure your Surf Coast home with security windows and doors

Many home break-ins occur while the residents are away on holiday. So, how do you best protect your home from break-ins when you escape the Victorian winter?  

A study found burglars are deterred by:

So investing in security measures like security windows or doors can be a great way to protect your home and family.

Lock your doors and windows

It may seem obvious, but you’d be surprised by how many people forget to lock the security door, the back door, the sliding door or even the bathroom window when they travel. Do a full walk through of your home to check every door and window before you leave.

Burglar-proof your windows and doors

Without a doubt, security windows and doors add security to your home while you are away (and at home!). Even just seeing the security screens can act as a deterrent to burglars. 

Choose certified security doors 

When choosing security products for your home, look for security doors and windows that comply with Australian Standards AS5039-2008. Certified security doors and window grilles are strong enough to withstand most forced entry attempts and have withstood many other tests such as a knife shear and anti-jimmy test.

Added benefits of security windows 

A popular home security option, security screen windows also allow for air to flow through when you are home and may prevent falls as well. They can withstand bushfires and are corrosion resistant (super important for those of us who live on the Surf Coast and Bellarine!).

Security screen windows for Surf Coast

If you are interested in security windows or doors for your Ocean Grove, Torquay, or Barwon Heads home, contact Geelong Security Doors on (03) 5256 2985. Our mobile service team will come to you for a free measure and quote, showing you the customisable security windows that suit your needs.

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