Sliding security doors for Torquay and Ocean Grove homes and businesses

Sliding security doors offer many advantages. From air circulation to better light, sliding security doors are an aesthetically pleasing and practical addition to your home. And they don’t have to be boring! Nowadays, you can choose multiple styles and colours to match your home perfectly.


Types of sliding security doors

Stacking sliding doors, corner double stacking sliding doors, single sliding doors or a double stacking sliding door - the possibilities are endless when you purchase custom sliding security doors. Throw the doors open, or just use one to go back and forth between your lounge and al fresco. With custom security sliding doors, you get transparency, durability, airflow and protection. 


Security sliding doors features

Our sliding security doors are virtually unbreakable with low-maintenance rollers, welded corners, and Lockwood locks. Add a pet door, and choose from various styles and hundreds of colours to customise the perfect sliding door for your home. 


Custom-made security screens

As experienced security door installers for the Geelong, Bellarine and Surf Coast regions, we know that door frames are never perfect. Moisture, heat, age, misuse - there are many reasons why doors warp. However, our custom-made security sliding doors will fit no matter the state of your doorframe or sliding doors. 


Sliding security door installer

No matter the type of door, the features or the age, our experienced security screen installers can help. Contact Geelong Security Doors on 5256 29885 to book a free measure and quote to determine the right type of sliding door for your home. We even have a mobile showroom to show you all the various options and features in person. 

If you want the level of safety and transparency that is only afforded by an exceptional quality sliding door, get in touch with Geelong Security Doors. As the largest manufacturer of security sliding doors in the Geelong region, we have exactly what you need. Book now for your sliding security screen install and beat the spring rush! 

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