Security pet door installations for all types of dogs

Owning a pet comes with a lot of responsibility. Not only do you need to take care of their basic needs, but you also need to look out for their entire well-being. Therefore, being a responsible pet owner means committing to providing your pet with a healthy and active lifestyle. And for busy pet owners, you need to find ways to give your fur baby the freedom to move around when you aren’t around. So how do you do it? With a pet door installation, of course!


Security pet doors for Torquay and Ocean Grove homes

Give your pet easy access to the outdoors whilst keeping your home safe with a pet flap for sliding screens. 


Advantages of security doors with pet flaps

Cat and dog doors offer several benefits for your pet:


Convenience - the most obvious advantage to installing a dog door is the convenience they offer you and your pet. With easy access to your backyard, your pet can come and go without needing to bother you. So whether a bathroom break or a noise investigation outside - your dog or cat can effortlessly enter and exit the home themselves. 


Freedom - If you have a long day at work or a busy schedule, you may worry about your pet cooped up in your home. Once you install a pet door in your Surf Coast home, you can be out day and night without worrying about your pet's well-being. 


Fresh air/exercise - A dog door gives your pet the freedom to run around outside for exercise or fresh air. Once your pet gets tired, they can quickly retreat into the comfort of your home safe and sound for an arvo nap. 


Mental stimulation - Dogs, in particular, are likely to suffer loneliness and boredom if kept inside all day. By having the freedom to move unrestrictedly, your dog won’t display destructive behaviours or damage your furniture. 


Security screens with pet flaps

Our pet-friendly security screens have three sizes to choose from. And with hundreds of colours and various mesh types, our strong, durable and scratch-resistant pet doors are custom-made for your Surf Coast or Bellarine home. Plus our heavy-duty aluminium frame and marine-grade stainless steel frame won’t scratch, tear or break. 


So if you have furry friends at home, contact Geelong Security Doors to give them freedom. Book your free measurement and quote for our pet-friendly security doors with a pet flap. Contact us on 5256 2985 or come into our Ocean Grove showroom to see our three pet door sizes. 

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