6 reasons why Prowler Proof products are the best security doors and windows in Australia

Security doors and windows aren’t all the same. At Geelong Security Doors, we believe there are six reasons why Prowler Proof products are the best security doors and windows in Australia. 

1/ Premium manufacturing process

Our fully automated, world-class rated factory enables us to produce superior security window screens and doors at competitive prices. Using a computer-controlled hi-tech environment consistently produces top-notch quality and reliable security screens.

2/ Welded joints

Our security screen doors and windows are welded together instead of held together by screws or rivets, making them stronger than an average security screen door. Geelong Security Doors products are virtually unbreakable with seamless corners, not to mention one of the best-looking security screens on the market. 

3/ Resistant to corrosion

Heavy-duty aluminum frames together with marine-grade stainless steel mesh are joined together with a mechanical chemical bond creating a bond between the two metals, making it virtually unbreakable. Plus, all of our security doors and windows are powder coated after welding, which reduces the risk of corrosion. 

4/ Exceed Australian standards

Many of our security doors and window screens have passed every imaginable Australian Standards test for security doors and windows and then some! Prowler Proof products undergo more independent testing than any security screen on the market, from beating burglars, cyclones, corrosion to bushfire heat. Not to mention, our ForceField and Protec mesh also keeps out heat from the sun and UV light during the summer whilst reducing heat loss in the winter. Win-win! 

5/ Ten-year full replacement warranty

We believe so strongly in the durability of our Prowler Proof products that we offer a ten-year full replacement warranty. This means we replace the entire product, including accessories (rollers, hinges, locks, etc.), rather than fixing the defective product. Hence, you get an entirely new security screen or window at no cost to you if it falls under the ten years post-purchase timeframe. And, no need to worry about keeping the receipt; each security screen has a serial number stamped on the door!

6/ Style and colour selection 

Add character and colour to your traditional home with our variety of door styles and colour options. 

See Ocean Grove’s best security doors and windows in person

Check out the best security doors and windows on the Bellarine Peninsula! Visit Geelong Security Door’s showrooms in Ocean Grove or Grovedale to see our Prowler Proof products in person. Feel and see the strength, security and styles of security doors and windows. Or, for your convenience, call (03) 5256 2985 to book a time with one of our customer service representatives to discuss your specific requirements in the comfort of your home with our mobile showroom. 

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