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Why to Install Fly Screen Doors at Home? [Infographic]

The infographic titled, ‘Fly Screen Doors to Enhance and Protect Your Home’, describes all about fly screen doors. Nowadays, there are a variety of mesh options available in the market for fly screen doors such as- fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel and pet mesh.

Sliding and hinged are the two key applications of fly screen doors. Sliding screen doors, as the name suggests are made specifically for sliding doors. These are designed to be part of the door itself. Hinged screen doors on the other hand, are the screens that are hinged on to the side of your door frame, and open out on most occasions.

There are many advantages of installing fly screen doors at home. They allow sunlight and fresh air into your home, and keep your family members protected from various diseases that insects carry. With fly screen doors, you can save a lot of money on electricity used by air conditioning or fans. To know more about fly screen doors, please refer the given infographic.

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Key Benefits of Installing Insect Screens in Your Home

While protecting the home from various external factors like sun, rain, wind, dust and dirt, people often forget the insects that can cause harm to their loved ones. If you are concerned about the insects issue, but don’t know the right treatment, worry not. These days, you can easily find insect screens in the market. These screens are specifically designed to prevent insects from entering your home.

Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of insect screens:

  • Installing the best quality window insect screens at home is the best way to keep insects like flies and mosquitoes outside the home, thereby provide prevention from various diseases.
  • Insect screens for windows allow natural light to enter your home and you’ll be able to save on your energy bills.
  • Not only natural light, insect screens also enhance the airflow within your homes.
  • These kinds of screens offer an element of transparency by maintaining a perfect scenic view.

There are a number of companies in the market, offering affordable insect screens for windows. Choose the one that provides quality product, free consultation, installation and after sale services.

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All You Need to Know About Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are one of the best options for large sized windows and sliding doors. Available in a variety of sunscreen and privacy fabrics, they are easy to operate and provide a subtle yet elegant covering to your sliding doors. The number of panels required and their accurate dimensions will largely depend on the space you like to cover.

In terms of functionality and appearance, panel blinds for sliding doors have numerous advantages such as:
Easy installation: Panel blinds are quite easy to install. You just need to install the head-rail system above your door and clip on the panel, that’s it. It takes just a few minutes to install panel blinds.
Easy operation and wand controlled: Panel blinds are easy to operate by using a simple wand control to roll them open and closed. Further, they are easy to maintain.
Light control and privacy: With a number of panels in place you will have a complete control over the natural light entering into the room, while providing all the privacy you need.
Versatile: Panel blinds are extremely versatile and best suitable for a variety of configurations that can add splendid aesthetic solutions for most decors for both residential and commercial applications.
If you are planning to buy panel blinds for your home, make certain to choose a reputed and experienced company that provides an efficient service from start to finish.

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The Benefits of Flyscreens


Before you know it, summer will be upon us and with the hot weather comes swarms of insects. In an effort to keep our homes cool and provide fresh air, we often leave our windows and doors open, but this also allows a wide range of flying insects to invade our homes. The insects are certainly annoying, but they can also carry a raft of diseases, placing you and your family at risk. Fortunately the solution is as easy as it is cost effective. Fly doors and window insect screens allow air circulation, but block pests of all descriptions. As the regional experts for flyscreens, Geelong Security Doors have fitted thousands of homes with the highest quality door and window screens and can detail a few of their key benefits.

Fresh air
Summer in Australia is long and hot, and Geelong is no exception. As the mercury rises our houses become stuffy and uncomfortable. Air-con and fans help cool internal areas, but they add significantly to your electricity bill and the air often has a stale, recirculated feel. Opening our houses to the outside world is the obvious solution, but without any protection, your house can become a target for insects and quickly gather dust and other debris. Insect screens and fly doors keep these unwanted additions out, while letting the fresh air in.

Keep insects out
Open doors and windows may be great for fresh air circulation, but they also leave the door open (literally) for a wide array of pests. The buzz of flies inside is a summer annoyance we can all do without. Once inside they are hard to get rid of and will seek out, and potentially contaminate, any food source they can access. Fly doors and window insect screens utilise mesh that is fine enough to keep the insects out, but still allow the air to flow freely.

Doesn’t cost the earth
In these days of expensive electricity bills and heightened awareness of environmental issues, fly doors and insect screens offer an ideal solution. It seems senseless to run an expensive air-con system when fresh air is just an open door or window away. Fresh air is not only good for your health and your wallet, it is also good for the environment. Australia has a disproportionately large carbon footprint and our quest for internal cooling is a significant contributor. Insect screens and fly doors offer the same temperature outcomes without the environmental cost and the Geelong Security Doors range ensures you needn’t sacrifice comfort, affordability or pest control.

If you think your home or property could benefit from flyscreen protection, contact us today for a tailor made solution.

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Persuading Benefits of Shower Screens

If you have decided to give your bathroom a sophisticated look, you must know in advance that finding a kind of accessory for your bathrooms is indeed a challenging task. However, glass shower screens can definitely make your bathroom appear look elegant and lavish. The traditional shower doors can be replaced with high quality, unbreakable, and beautiful glass shower screens. These appear in splendid styles, designs, shapes and sizes.

You can choose the style of your shower screens ranging from simple to contemporary and easily get these installed in your bathroom areas. As you install advanced shower screens, rest assured, you can bring cleanliness and a fresh look to your bathrooms.

Some of the most persuading benefits of shower screens can surely compel you to buy these for your homes. The glass screens provide a stronghold to your floors and walls of the bathrooms from the redundant water damages. Where curtains can be quite difficult to keep clean, shower screens installed in showers can be easily cleaned. Once you are finished taking a shower, you can simply wipe of the water away from the screen.

Finding an elegant shower screen for your bathroom at reputable online stores will be an enjoyable experience. So introduce shower screens. Get comfort, luxury and beauty all together.

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Why Install Fly Screen Doors & Insect Screens

Are you exasperated with the menace that flies and insects create into your house? Do you want to get completely rid of from unwanted presence of flying insects within your residential premises? If you are facing these kinds of problems then installing Fly screen doors is the perfect solution to make your life flies and stress free.

 A quality fly screen door can protect your home from all sorts of flies and bugs entering into your home. Besides preventing your homes from bugs and insects, fly screen doors also allow sunlight and fresh air to enter into your premises.

By installing fly screen doors, you and your family members can certainly have a peaceful sleep and without any interruption of annoying insects or bugs. With advanced fly screen doors, you can also take a sigh of relief as you are able to protect your kids from dangerous diseases that are spread by flies and bugs. Aesthetic in appeal, excellent in finish, fly screen doors can add to the beauty of your home interiors as well.

So, don’t give a second thought when it comes to installing fly screen doors. Reputable online stores can help you make the best purchase for your residential property.

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Sliding Wardrobe Doors – Ideal for Room Space Utilization

If you want to give an appealing, luxurious look and finish to your bedrooms, sliding wardrobe doors are the ideal solution to your bedroom needs. You can utilize your room space without having to sacrifice on style and comfort.

There are numerous online firms offering an extensive range of sliding wardrobe doors to give your bedrooms a practical yet sophisticated look. Advanced sliding wardrobe doors are especially designed to meet the needs of homes having different interiors.

You can replacing your existing traditional wardrobe doors with customized sliding wardrobe doors that carry multiple benefits. Not only can you customize these to match the layout and style of your bedroom, but you can also make the best use of the usable space in your room as an economical alternative to entirely changing your bedroom furniture.

Your bedroom is generally a place where you can forget all the stresses of the day, a place where you can have true relaxation. By installing stylish sliding wardrobe doors, you can transform your bedroom and give a spacious look in the area.

Sliding wardrobe doors with mirrors create a more spacious feel to the bedrooms. You can find such modern designs easily from reputable online stores.

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Why Install Security Doors?

Security doors are a perfect way to add an additional element of protection for your residential property. Since, most burglars prefer the front door when executing a robbery, it is actually imperative to provide utmost attention to the security of your homes.

These days, online stores offer several various screen door options that can add to the beauty of your homes while creating an added layer of protection at the same time. With plenty of options for every budget, there is a massive range of security doors that would ensure you a high level of security and safety both to you, your family and your belongings. You can choose security doors that are made of aluminum that have their own characteristics offering both security and appeal.

 The greatest benefit of installing security doors is that these are nearly impossible to break. Any intruder will need to use a sophisticated machinery to open the locks in these high quality security doors especially those made of aluminum.

It is imperative that you browse the online market to your advantage, and locate a security door that matches your functional and aesthetic requirements. Don’t wait, protect your home with an advanced security door today!

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Evolution. Magnetic Closing Catch

Evolution Pivot Patch Fitting

 If you have a walk-in bathroom, you may want to add a shower screen that would allow free access from all sides. Such a shower screen would perfectly define the bathroom space without closing it. Then if you want to enhance the practicality of your shower screens, you can opt for a shower screen that is covering half of the shower. And on it you can get a towel rail attached. You would be able to hang your towel out there and enjoy easy access without wetting it as it would be far away from the shower area.

Evolution Uniquely Shaped Profile


 To add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, you can get LED lights integrated into your shower screen. LED lights would add a unique and amazing effect to your bathroom. Your guests would assume that you had hired a professional to design and decorate your bathroom.

 Colored glass shower screens can also be used for spicing up your bathroom décor. You can choose the colours keeping in mind the overall theme and décor of your bathroom. If you want, you can use wood and glass together. You can have wooden frame with glass fixed in between. Or you may go for stainless steel frame as well. But if you want to avoid the problem of mould and mildew and cleaning wood and stainless steel frames, there is nothing like frame less shower screen. Sleek and stylish, it can add a stylish ambiance to your bathroom.


 You can do so much when it comes to glass shower screens and its products. In fact sky is the limit!!

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Shower Screen Ideas for Modern Bathrooms

A bathroom is an important place in a modern home. It is a personalized living space in a home where homeowners chill out and relax, and try to rejuvenate themselves after busy work schedule, family commitments, and social engagements. Glass shower screens are just the right thing for modern bathrooms and homes.

Glass shower screens add unparalleled style and elegance to a bathroom. Whether you have a traditional shower or a walk-in shower, shower screens can add a dramatic touch to your bathroom. With their stylish look, the shower screens would beautify your bathroom and would turn your everyday showering ritual in to an extra-ordinary experience.

Glass shower screens have practical advantages too. You can avoid splashing the water all over the bathroom while taking shower and can at the same time preserve your privacy. Further, shower screens in glass make bathrooms look more spacious. Glass shower screens do not get mould and mildew and are easy to clean as well.

If you wish to add a decorative touch to your bathroom with glass shower screens, there are so many ideas to consider. You may opt for a glass screen with beautiful patterns. The pattern can be anything, ranging from floral to abstract designs to Arabesque motifs or anything else. You can choose the pattern keeping in mind the fact who would be using the bathroom. For your kid’s bathroom, floral patterns would look cute and for your own bathroom, glass screen with evolution pattern would be appropriate. Glass screens with pattern look charming and at the same time they offer more intimacy as they hide the body.

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Factors Affecting the Number of Sliding Wardrobe Doors

Using a space appropriately and correctly can become a daunting task and the most asked question – how many sliding wardrobe doors should you have? The ideal way to decide how many doors you’re going to have is to consider the following factors:

 Accessibility: When it comes to the interiors, you are supposed to make a choice of the types of storage that you will need and what is the best option that will work for you. Moreover, you have to consider the items that you will be storing and how you will be storing them. If you are planning to have shelving and hanging space in your wardrobe then the number of doors will be little more flexible according to the size of the opening.

With larger spaces, you have more choice as to the number of doors: Depending on the opening space how wide it is you can choose the right number of sliding doors. For instance, with opening space of around 1400mm, two sliding doors are sufficient.

Sliding wardrobe doors uses a simple track to open and close. These doors are much in demand as they provide a more modern feel to wardrobes. An increasing number of wardrobes nowadays use sliding doors to provide a contemporary look to the interior décor.

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Benefits of Flyscreen doors and Insect Screens

Each one of us wants to keep our home clean and hygienic. Besides cleaning up the whole place, it is essential to keep away all the insects and flies from the home. However hard you try to keep them away, they tend to return back. If you are looking to keep your front and back doors covered then there are products available to ensure that insects aren’t able to use these to enter your place. These flyscreen doors workin the same way as window screens. These insect screens also let you open your doors to enjoy the breeze as the screens will ensure that no unwanted insect or flies get in.

Thesetypes of insect screens serve the purpose of keeping out insects, leaves, debris and birds from entering your place. They are stretched over a window frame – the main advantage that you can enjoy is that with these screens doors you can still enjoy the effect of the cool summer breeze coming in through your room while at the same time stopping any unwanted visitors from entering.

Hire some professionals for this task as they will take accurate measurement of your windows and doors to make perfect flyscreen doors that will fit exactly and serve the main purpose.

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Improve Your Security by Installing Security Doors

There are many times when you tend to neglect yours and your place’s security until s you have not found yourselves in a situation of threat or burglary. It is rather crucial to give your security a serious thought much before it has become a serious issue. There can be no better option for improving your security than having some of the security measures installed, like security doors.

The least affected places and the safest properties are certainly the ones that have taken all the necessary steps to install the right kind of security doors for their properties, both residential and commercial. When security is your main objective, then entry doors will be the obvious choices and the first type to enter your minds, you can also have security doors installed for fire exit areas and communal doors.

You can choose the door as per your requirement as these security doors are available in many colors and in a wide range of varieties that fulfill a wide range of purposes. Choose form various types of security doors like ventilated doors, or mulch-locking doors and single or double doors equipped with individual vision panels.

 Irrespective of your needs and your interests, you can easily find security doors to suit your requirements.

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Get Acquainted with Glass Shower Screens

There has been an increase in the recognition of glass shower screens among consumers as well as a number of designers. Considered as a great way to augment the interiors and beauty of any bathroom – glass shower screens are also idyllic for both new builds and makeover projects.

 A look at the many benefits associated with these shower screens:

?          They are very convenient and easy to clean.

?          The screens will avert leaks and puddles of water forming.

?          Its flexibility characteristic allows for a creative solution during a makeover, you can custom design it to suit your needs and specifications for your bathroom.

?          Low on maintenance as these screens are quite easy to clean.

?          These screens aid in keeping the water droplets and steam within the enclosed screen area.

?          The screens are quite sturdy and add a dazzling visual finish to your bathroom.

You can transform the glass screens in order to create different types of screens enclosures like pivoting, folding and frameless shower enclosures. So, if you want to include a trendy and chic element to your bathroom, use shower screens as an excellent way to make your bathroom the central point of your home.

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Fly Screen Doors- Send the Insects Away!

Flies and insects are really irritating because of the nuisance they create inside a residential premise. IF you are one of those homeowners annoyed with the problem of insects and flies then installing fly screen doors and insect screen is your answer.

Sophisticated fly screen doors protect your home from all types of insects and flies that might spoil your surroundings and bring in various health problems. Modern fly screen doors do not only safeguard your family members against health problems but also allow fresh air and light to illuminate your home interiors. Installing fly screen doors at every door and window can give you peace of mind and a relaxed sleep at night.

Once you have installed these flyscreen doors, there is no need to spray harmful pesticides and chemicals in the house. Rather, by fixing these fly screens on all the doors, you can sit relaxed and spend a good time with your kids in a neat and healthy environment. These doors enhance the beauty of your interior décor and protect your family from health issues at the same time.

Now, sending flies and insects away is easy. Bring home the best quality fly screen doors to experience a comfortable and peaceful life.

Install the perfect glass shower screens and enliven your bathrooms.

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Fly Screen Doors- Ensure Peace of Mind from Flies and Insects

When you are concerned about the hygiene of your home, it is very important to keep the surroundings neat and clean. However, summer is the season when you can not cease the entry of flies, insects and bugs that can be harmful to you and your family members.

These insects and flies not only create a mess in your indoor and outdoor environment but also spread harmful diseases that sometimes lead to death as well. At this juncture, fly screen doors come as an effective alternative to get rid of the annoying insects and flies.

Fly screens doors are especially designed from high quality material that makes them durable. These can effectively prevent the entry of all the insects and ensure you peace of mind. The best part is that fly screen doors are functional and sophisticated at the same time, adding a touch of elegance to your home decors. Moreover, these doors also allow natural light to enter into your room spaces.

When you want to get rid of the harmful insects and flies, installing fly screen doors is a smart choice.

Install the perfect glass shower screens and enliven your bathrooms.

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Make your Rooms Look more Spacious and Elegant

If you are looking for the perfect door for the wardrobe in your bedroom, then looking for sliding wardrobe doors is a smart option. Sliding wardrobe doors are convenient options that give enough space to your rooms as these do not extend out when opened.

These doors make use of your room space very effectively. Since the doors slide to only one side of the wardrobe, these leave you with ample space between your wardrobe and the bed. With these sliding doors, you can place your wardrobe at any location within the bedroom.

Another reason why you must consider sliding doors is that you get an opportunity to accentuate the beauty of your bedrooms. Furthermore, as these sliding doors do not carry much weight, you can make them look more sophisticated by adding different elements such as glasses.

If you want to leave good space in your rooms then installing sliding doors is the best alternative for you. The best part is that you can easily find a massive range of sliding doors as per your choice and budget constraints.

Install the perfect glass shower screens and enliven your bathrooms

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Choosing the Perfect Glass Shower Screens for your Bathrooms

Bathrooms are an important part of your home but are often overlooked by people. It is because most homeowners only give importance to the interior decoration of their bedrooms, living rooms, guest rooms and so on.

So, if you want to give your bathroom a sophisticated look then ensure it is equipped with appropriate accessories. While considering about the bathroom accessories, considering bathroom shower screens is a good option.

Glass shower screens are one of the most essential accessories that can make a fully functional bathroom. These shower screens not only give a contemporary look and feel to your bathrooms but also ensure that there is no issue of water seeping on the bathroom floor.

Glass shower screens are these days available in various sizes and styles to meet customers preferences. You can simply go online and check out top-notch stores offering glass screen doors of good quality. View the latest designs and see if you can make a profitable deal from that store.

Install the perfect glass shower screens and enliven your bathrooms.

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Benefits of Security Doors

In the primitive era, people never used to worry about their home as there was no fear of thefts and robberies. However, these days, with the increased rate of thefts and robberies, many families are considering security doors to ensure the complete safety of their home premises. Installing security doors gives a sense of peace as it elevates your homes protection.

Security doors are a shield that protects a family from unwanted dangers. These security tips are certainly smart ways that provide tremendous benefits to homes and the people living inside them.

Here are some of the greatest benefits of installing security doors:

More natural light

Security doors appear with glass styles that means more of natural light coming in to your home premises. With such doors, you can always enjoy the benefits of natural light that will remain there during the day time. A home with natural light enlivens your living spaces in a more appealing manner.

So, do not think too long, get benefited with durable, long-lasting security doors.

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Reasons for using fly screens doors – Infographic

This infographic titled ‘The Value of Fly Screens ’ has been created with the big idea of highlighting the benefit story of fly-screens.

The story has been told by using the following techniques:


_Fly-Doors- Flyscreen-Doors- Flyscreens-Infographic

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Insect and Fly Screens – No More Annoying Insects

In the summer season, no matter how hard you try to keep your home premises clean, it still becomes a victim of flies. Insects and bugs do not leave any entrance without attacking it and destroying your mental peace. These insects are not only annoying but also potential in spreading harmful diseases. At such a juncture, installing insect and fly screens is the smarter way out to combat the dangerous situation.

Fly and insects fly screens come in a myriad of styles to match the needs of different homeowners. These screens can be stretched over a window frame and are efficient in keeping the annoying bed bugs, insects and flies miles away from your home. The biggest benefit of installing insect screens is that you can enjoy the summer season without these annoying insects agitating your living or spoiling your mental peace.

If you are willing to keep your home neat, clean and away from flies, insects and bugs, find and install best quality fly screens that are available in stylish designs. These look contemporary and enhance the look of your home entrances. What more? These doors are available in varied sizes as per different customer requirements.

So, do not think anything when it is all about your home cleanliness and family’s good health.

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Fortifying your house with security doors

This infographic titled ‘Fortifying your house with security doors ’ has been created with the big idea of highlighting the benefit story of installing security doors in your house.

The story has been told by using the following techniques:
•  Burglary Stats
•  Occurence of Burglaries
•  Vulnerable Areas of Home.
•  Tools to prevent home burglaries



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