Pet Friendly Security Doors

Typically the main reason we hear for installing security doors in Ocean Grove homes is security for our client’s family. For many, family members include a treasured pet, however, many security screens do not offer pet-friendly options, but Geelong Security Doors do!

Our ForceField and Protec style doors offer unrivalled security and the added benefit of being pet-friendly with a unique design. No longer will Bella have to wait at the door at 5 am to be let out. Now se can go back and forth as she pleases while you sleep safely!

Constructed using heavy-duty aluminium frames with marine-grade stainless steel mesh, our ForceField and Protec security screens are joined together with a mechanical and chemical bond making them virtually unbreakable. Our durable doors not only provide security protection; they are also able to withstand the wear and tear of curious pets.

Pet-friendly security door screens

Some furry family members scratch and even climb screen doors. With Geelong Security Doors you don’t have to worry as the heavy-duty aluminium frame, and marine-grade stainless steel frame won’t scratch, tear or break. No need to worry about ripped nylon screens left scattered about offering a potential choking hazard, with ForceField or Protec security doors you don’t need to worry about your pet home all day.

Customised security doors for your family and pets

With three pet door sizes, hundreds of colours and different types of screens, our strong, durable doors can be tailored to your Torquay home. Geelong Security Doors tailors your pet-friendly security door to your home, making it one of the most versatile security doors on the Surf Coast market.  

Easy to clean

Generally, nylon screen doors attract mould, dust and cobwebs and are usually more challenging to clean. It can be hard to remove mould and dust without sufficient force due to nylon’s flimsy nature. On the other hand, our stainless steel screens are easy to clean and do not require harmful, harsh chemicals to remove mould, dust or cobwebs. 

Air circulations for pets and people

Leaving pets at home can be a source of concern for people, especially when it’s hot out. Aside from leaving the aircon on all day, keeping a pet cool can be difficult. Adding a security door allows airflow while your pets stay safe. Not to mention adding a pet door allows Bella the dog or Coco the cat have an option to go outside when nature calls. 

While many of us now working from home, Geelong Security Doors can keep your pet, house and yourself cool throughout the day. Even once you return to work, your cat or dog will not overheat or experience discomfort as you will be able to leave your door open, but security screen closed to maintain your pets and home security while keeping them comfortable. 

Contact Geelong’s security door experts

If you have furry friends at home, contact the Geelong Security Doors experts to keep them safe, sound and comfortable. Book your free measurement and quote for pet-friendly security doors on 5256 2985.

Servicing Geelong, the Bellarine Peninsula and Surf Coast, the friendly and experienced team at Geelong Security Doors can help! As a local family-owned company, we understand the importance of having proper security for your Ocean Grove home. 

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