Old world charm – Brisbane northside

April 1, 2014
After just 5 months in their new home, Maria and John got the phone call they dreaded: ‘There’s been an attempted burglary at your house’. A neighbour had heard the sound of breaking glass and notified the police. A young mother with a 6 month old baby, Maria didn’t want it to ever happen again. This is her story…

“I had only just left the house when a neighbour heard the sound of breaking glass from our property. She saw a man attempting to gain access and yelled out. Luckily her yelling was enough to scare him away and she called the police.”

“We had only been in the house for 5 months and found the situation very scary – especially since we’re a young family with a baby son. We talked to other home owners in our neighbourhood and they recommended contacting Taplin Security. Bill Ruddle junior, who owns the business with his father, came out and presented our options – it didn’t take long for us to decide on ForceField® security screens.”

“First of all it was the most impressive product in terms of security – which was obviously our main priority. But the looks were equally impressive. The stainless steel mesh is transparent – you don’t feel like you’re in a prison – and it blends in with the style and character of the house. The seamless corners is another design element that lifts ForceField® security screens above the other options we looked at.”

“We had a combination of ForceField® security doors, ForceField® security windows and Prowler Proof insect screens installed throughout our home. The team at Taplin Security was very helpful and the end result is even better than we had expected. Not only do we feel completely safe, the security screens and insect screens have made the house much more liveable. We used to close doors and windows all the time to stop mosquitoes and insects getting inside – installing Prowler Proof products has enabled us to open them and enjoy lovely breezes throughout the house.”

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