Four tips for choosing the right door for your home

Your front door is not just an entrance to your home – it is also a statement about who lives in the house. Having a door that suits your style, personality, and home’s decor makes for a memorable and inviting entrance. 

Surprisingly, colour and style aren’t the only things to consider when selecting the right door for your Bellarine Peninsula home.

Choosing a new door for your home

Your front door is the first (and last) thing visitors see when entering or leaving your home, so it provides an opportunity to make a statement. When choosing a new or updating your front door, it is essential to consider several factors.

1/ Location

Do you live on a busy street? If so, a solid door may be your best choice to soundproof from street noise. Conversely, if you have water views, you may want to look into glass-panelled doors. 

2/ Door coverage

Is your entrance protected by an overhang or portico, or is your front door open to the elements? If so, steel, fibreglass or UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) might be your best option. UPVC doors are weatherproof and available in wood-grain finishes in some places give you the best of both worlds! Alternatively, you may choose a fibreglass door that requires minimal maintenance for your Ocean Grove vacation home.

3/ Colour

Paint is a great way to make a statement with your entry door. Different colours send different messages to your guests. Go bold with red (symbol of luck and welcoming) or blue (linked to prosperity and abundance), or white (serenity or simplicity). Whether you choose a bold statement or a colour that blends into your overall colour scheme, paint is a simple, cost-effective way to update your entry door. 

4/ Security

Finally, one important point to consider when choosing a new door is security. Ensure the locking mechanism is sturdy, invest in concealed hinges, or add a security door from Geelong Security Doors for maximum protection of your Surf Coast home. Check out our range of security doors on our website. We offer over 300 colours, various styles and different materials to suit your Surf Coast home. Plus, as Bellarine’s best security door installer, we offer a 10-year replacement warranty. Get security, comfort and style with Geelong security doors. 

Contact us for a quote or visit our Ocean Grove showroom to see our products for yourself. 

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