Factors to Consider When Purchasing Security Doors

Home security should be a paramount concern for homeowners. With Victoria’s home burglary rates on average 1 in 91 homes, and ranging as low as 1 in 47 in parts of Geelong, protecting your loved ones and assets should be top of mind. (Check your neighbourhood’s burglary rate here if you are interested).

Install security doors for peace of mind

Security doors, unlike more traditional types of security measures, not only increase your home or commercial business’ security, they have a variety of other bonuses, including:

Get the protection you deserve while keeping intruders, insects (and annoying neighbours out). Let the breeze in and your pets out while maintaining top-notch residential security.

Factors to consider when purchasing security doors

Here are some factors to take into consideration when you are looking to purchase quality security doors:

Australian Standard Security tests

While looking for the best screen doors along the Bellarine Peninsula or Surf Coast, make sure they meet (or exceed) Australian Standards Security Test (AS 5039). At Geelong Security Doors we guarantee all our security screens and doors pass (and usually exceed) the Australian standards tests. Whether you choose our ForceField security doors or our Prowler Proof insect screens, rest assured that you'll get one of the strongest security screens on the market.

High-quality materials for security doors

Geelong Security Doors uses only the finest aluminium and marine-grade stainless steel to construct our security doors and security windows. Our ForceField security doors and window screens’ heavy-duty aluminium frame and marine-grade stainless steel mesh are welded together, making it virtually unbreakable.

Choosing security doors and windows for your Surf Coast home or business should have a combination of these two perfect materials.

Long-lasting materials for insect screens

Typically we use the standard insect gauze – high quality, long-lasting fibreglass for our insect screens. However, at Geelong Security Doors, we offer a wide range of gauze options to choose from, including stainless steel gauze for bushfire prone areas. Unlike any other insect screen, our Prowler Proof insect screens are welded with robotic perfection, so you get seamless corners and extra strength.


Without a doubt, all doors need locks! And Geelong Security Door’s locks offer excellent protection. Our three-point Prowler Proof lock system will prevent the bottom and top of the door from being wrenched open, thereby giving you the highest level of safety. 

Aesthetic appearance 

Our stainless steel mesh doors and long-lasting insect fibreglass gauze gives you excellent security while allowing air in and keeping insects out. With a wide range of designs to choose not to mention more than 250 colour options, our customised doors and windows will not only beautify your home they will keep you secure too. Offering the finest quality security doors and windows not to mention insect screens, Geelong Security Doors experienced staff will match the right colour, design and type of security door for your exact needs.

For the best security doors and windows contact Geelong Security Doors 

If you need more information or assistance selecting the right type of security doors or windows for your Torquay home or Ocean Grove business give us a call on  03 5256 2985  (Ocean Grove) or 03 5245 8228 (Grovedale) or contact us online. Our experienced and helpful staff will go over various options to help you select the best security screen doors for your residential or commercial property. 

If you wish to view our products in person, we can bring our mobile showroom to you or visit our Ocean Grove showroom Monday to Friday 9am to 12pm at 38 Everist Road. 

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