Are security doors effective?

When it comes to selecting a security door, it’s a good idea to remember that NOT ALL SECURITY DOORS ARE DESIGNED EQUAL! So… the quick answer to the question is yes – security doors are effective – if you first ensure they ARE security doors. 

Question: When is a security door not a security door?

Answer: When it’s a ‘safety’ door.

A safety door – or barrier door – may have a similar look and feel to a security door, but it has not been tested to meet the stringent requirements of Australia’s AS5039 Compliance Standards. Most mass-produced doors from hardware stores are safety doors and, although they may act as a deterrent, they may not withstand a determined break-in. 

Security doors and the AS5039 explained

Australian Standards 5039: Security Screen Doors and Security Window Grilles’ is a system of certification whereby a security door (or window grille) must pass a set of six tests to achieve the required standards. Security doors tested thus are extremely secure. The six tests include:

At Geelong Security Doors, our specially tempered aluminium security doors are made to the highest industry standards – passing all of the AS5039 tests with flying colours and ensuring your safety is maximised.

Security-door installation

The installation of your security door is also subject to a set of standard requirements (AS 5040), which recognise that incorrect installation will reduce the effectiveness of the security door. As well as specialising in the strongest, most resilient and highest quality security doors in Australia, here at Geelong Security Doors, we ensure your door is installed to the highest professional standards. With a 10-year workmanship warranty, rest assured that your job will be adequately covered under all circumstances.

Geelong Security Doors

If you want the level of safety that is only afforded by an exceptional-quality security door, get in touch with your regional specialists today – Geelong Security Doors is the largest manufacturer of security doors in the Geelong region.

A security screen door from Geelong Security Doors provides safety and security for your peace of mind. Give us a call today on ☎03 5256 2985 to discuss your requirements or to book a time for our mobile showroom to come to you, or drop by our showroom in Ocean Grove to see our Prowler Proof products in person.

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