Smooth & Sophisticated


  • Rubber bumpers for quiet operation
  • Flat bottom track is less obtrusive
  • Acetal resin rollers for smooth operation
  • Australian Standard compliant
  • Available in a range of anodised or powder coated colours to suit your home decor

If you are thinking of upgrading or fitting new wardrobes at home, it is worthwhile considering sliding wardrobe doors in Geelong. These doors are perfect for any room and offer both form and function. Not only do they save a great deal of space, they also look fantastic and are less conspicuous than hinged alternatives.

Wardrobe themselves are designed to offer storage and save space elsewhere in our houses, so it makes sense that the doors also adhere to the same principles. In utilising sliding wardrobe doors in Geelong you save valuable space in your home and even give the impression of extra space.

In addition to their practical uses, sliding wardrobe doors in Geelong also look smart and stylish. They are perfect for any household that wants to create more space without compromising on style or elegance. Our knowledgeable team can assist you in finding something that will suit your needs, your personal taste and your existing home decor.

The design and manufacture of high quality sliding wardrobe doors to Geelong residents is one of our specialties. Our trained and experienced staff will ensure you receive a door that is as aesthetically pleasing as it is functional. All our doors are easy to install and are made to last for many years without any issues with the functional qualities or appearance.

Speak to a customer representative today about how your home can benefit from the best sliding wardrobe doors in Geelong!


A Custom Made Showpiece

Mirrors are a wonderful addition to any room. They make the smaller spaces look and feel larger. Light from windows and fixtures reflects in mirror and bounces back, creating the illusion of space and light. When put in rooms without windows, mirrors help make the room appear brighter. Mirrors can be used to highlight any aspect of the room. If used correctly, mirrors can dramatically alter the look and feel of any room.

At Geelong Security Doors, we have a wide variety of mirrors to complement your personal taste and to meet your specific home décor needs and requirements. We supply mirrors with different edges, finishes, colours, and textures to suit your style.

We have mirrors with arrissed, bevelled, or polished edge. We can custom made mirrors to match your exact requirements in terms of height, width, shape, and size. We have a team of highly trained and experienced staff who would understand your personal requirements and would then offer you personalised mirrors so that you can use them in the best possible manner for your space. All our mirrors are carefully hand measured to ensure a perfect fit.

We also offer a framed mirror that suits your framed shower screens. Give your bathroom a unique and stylish appearance with our range of beautiful framed mirrors and glass.

Browse our website to check out our beautiful and high quality mirrors and glasses or visit our showroom personally.