Shower Screens

A better semi frameless sliding shower screen

Meet Momentum, Pivotech’s semi frameless sliding shower screen. Chic and sleek, the contemporary design and effortless function of Momentum complement any bathroom décor.
Don’t let Momentum’s good looks fool you, we designed this strong and practical shower for the rigours of daily use, Momentum’s features allow for effortless cleaning with hardware engineered for durability.

Access a cleaner shower

At Pivotech, we understand the biggest challenge of a bathroom is keeping it clean. Our shower enclosures incorporate features to help. And you don’t want to sacrifice style just to get a clean bathroom. Momentum’s unique spring loaded carriages under the sill allow the door to be tilted for greater access and easier cleaning.


  • the bottom guides can be disengaged to clean between the shower door and fixed elements
  • rollers under the sill minimise friction, providing smooth operation of the door
  • extremely resistant to water escaping as the door sits below the sill
  • specially designed stop blocks prevent the door from opening or closing while in use
  • soft moulded stops prevent the door from slamming open or shut
  • ideal for large openings between walls
  • the slimline, semi-frameless design conceals the mechanism and components
  • available in Bright Silver, Matt Natural and Pearl White to blend in with modern bathroom design
  • accessories are chrome plated and blend in with modern bathroom décor and provide a subtle contrast to the White and Matt Natural
  • easiest sliding shower to install
  • corner entry options available for smaller shower enclosures in confined areas
  • return panel can be frameless or framed to suit the application
  • slimline frame for mounting over a bath or hob
  • roller carriages allow for 10mm adjustment to take up over/undersized glass
  • versatile two part corner stake allows for mitre cutting or square cutting
momentum shower configuration