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Evolution Pivot Patch Fitting

 If you have a walk-in bathroom, you may want to add a shower screen that would allow free access from all sides. Such a shower screen would perfectly define the bathroom space without closing it. Then if you want to enhance the practicality of your shower screens, you can opt for a shower screen that is covering half of the shower. And on it you can get a towel rail attached. You would be able to hang your towel out there and enjoy easy access without wetting it as it would be far away from the shower area.

Evolution Uniquely Shaped Profile


 To add a touch of luxury to your bathroom, you can get LED lights integrated into your shower screen. LED lights would add a unique and amazing effect to your bathroom. Your guests would assume that you had hired a professional to design and decorate your bathroom.

 Colored glass shower screens can also be used for spicing up your bathroom décor. You can choose the colours keeping in mind the overall theme and décor of your bathroom. If you want, you can use wood and glass together. You can have wooden frame with glass fixed in between. Or you may go for stainless steel frame as well. But if you want to avoid the problem of mould and mildew and cleaning wood and stainless steel frames, there is nothing like frame less shower screen. Sleek and stylish, it can add a stylish ambiance to your bathroom.


 You can do so much when it comes to glass shower screens and its products. In fact sky is the limit!!

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