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Prowler Proof insect screens are designed to keep small intruders out. Like all other Prowler Proof products, our insect screens are welded, so you’ll enjoy the extra strength and the great look of the seamless corners every day. It also means your insect screens can match in with the other Prowler Proof products you have installed around your home. The high quality insect gauze has small openings to restrict insect entry, while still providing great visibility and airflow. Prowler Proof’s automated 7-stage powder coating process means you can select your insect screen in any of our 50 standard colours…with more than 250 further options if your favourite colour is not within our standard range.

imgWarranty10 year replacement warranty on ALL products

Our Insect screens are some of the highest performing in Australia...

Unlike any other insect screen, Prowler Proof insect screens are welded with robotic perfection. You'll enjoy the extra strength and the great look of the seamless corners every day. The standard insect gauze is high quality, long lasting fiberglass with small openings and great visibility. But you have a wide range of gauze options to choose from – including stainless steel gauze for bushfire prone areas.

  • Bushfire

    Bushfire prone zones require that openable windows must be screened with corrosion-resistant steel, bronze or aluminium mesh with an opening of less than 2 mm x 2 mm. The fire attenuation test shows the reduction in radiant heat flux level provided by the screen.

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  • Corrosion

    Whenever two different metals interact there is a risk of corrosion. The tests to show corrosion-resistance are the acetic acid salt spray test and neutral salt spray test.

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  • Insect Protection
    Insect Protection

    The mosquito protection test tests a screens ability to keep mosquitoes out over an extended period of time.

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  • Access Control
    Access Control

    Allow unassisted access for pets or people, through the addition of optional access control accessories, such as keying locks alike, pet doors for family pets and solid panels for easier wheelchair accessibility.

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