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Fitting service available UV stabilised plastic Magnetic closure Spare parts available Australian designed, owned and made

If you own a pet, you must build a pet door in your home. A pet door allows your lovable pooch to easily go to the yard and come back to the house without much fuss. Pet doors are typically installed in the back door of every pet owner’s house or in any door frame in patio.

At Geelong Security Doors, we offer high quality Australian designed, owned and made pet doors. We have pet doors in different sizes. Whether you have a small puppy or an overgrown pet, our trained and skilled staff can custom made pet doors to suit your exact needs and requirements. We can give you the perfect pet door to allow your frisky pet easy access indoors without causing hole in your doors.

Our pet doors are made from high quality UV stabilised plastic. They can withstand the tough nature of your pet and can last for considerably long period of time.

Our pet doors come with magnetic closure. You can lock the magnetic closure to keep your pet safe and secure inside and to prevent unwanted pets from finding their way inside your home.

Spare parts for pet doors are available. We also offer quick and reliable fitting service.

Geelong Security Doors has been offering pet doors and other products for more than 20 years. Our customers trust us for superior quality products and unparalleled service. Choose us to get the best pet doors and installation service.