What to look for in a Security Screen Door [Infographic]

Security screen doors not only safeguard your family but also offer the comfort of fresh air flowing through your home with unhindered outdoor views. Security screen doors are also bug proof so that you can sleep well at night.

Questions like which access points and cost can only be answered by examining your onsite needs. Access point defines which entrances and exits you require for added security. Does your home need additional security for side and rear entrances? Always speak to your security door suppliers about such issues.

Modern security doors aren’t really very expensive. Get a free measure & quote first before installing any door(s) and compare them with other alternative options before spending a cent. Your local supplier will definitely help you out with other budget friendly options.

What features are available in security screen doors? Why it is so important to have options in security screen doors? Make sure the security screen door you choose comes with triple locks ( and interlocks on sliding security doors ) and a pneumatic door closer to keep the door shut. A bug strip seal on the bottom of your door ensures protection from bugs and other infectious insects.

The info-graphic titled, “Security Screen Doors Choices and Critical Features” defines some of the important features of security screen doors. To find out more just browse or check out the details given below.

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Different Popular Mesh Options for Fly Screens

Are you looking for a perfect solution to get rid of various insects at home? Having insects such as flies, wasps, sandflies, midges, mosquitoes, and spiders in your home is not only irritating, but can also be hazardous for your health. The best solution to keep insects at bay is the installation of fly screens. These screens allow fresh air and sunlight in while keeping the insects out of your home.
These days, there are a number of mesh options available in the market when it comes to choosing fly screens doors for your home. Some of the most popular options are mentioned below:
Fibre Glass Mesh: Lightweight and inexpensive, fly glass mesh is a woven fibre glass yarn with a PVC coating. It is the most popular choice for flyscreens and meshing doors.
PawProof: Significantly thicker and stronger, Paw Proof Mesh is a super tough vinyl coated polyester woven fibre mesh. This type of mesh can withstand more stress and wear and tear as compared to standard fibreglass mesh.
Tuff Mesh: Tuff Mesh is an excellent choice for doors in high use areas and where pets and children may potentially damage the mesh.
Keep mosquitoes and other small insects out of home by choosing the right type of mesh and fly screen.

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Why it is Beneficial to Install Insect Screens?

One of the obvious benefits of installing insect screen is their ability to block out different insects including flies, mosquitoes, midges, etc. Apart from keeping insects away, these screens provide a number of other benefits, which makes them a popular and essential choice for any modern home.

Here are some of the key benefits of installing insect screens at home:

  • These screen allow enough sunlight and fresh air into the room, while keeping insects at bay.
  • Since, the insect screens for windows allow proper natural light and air into the room; you can save money on electricity used by lights, air conditioning or fans.
  • As insects carry various hazardous diseases, by installing these screens, you will be able to protect your family from different diseases.
  • With these screens, you are not required to use fly spray or any other chemicals that can be harmful for your well-being.
  • With the help of insect screens, you can keep your home more hygienic and healthy. Adding insect screens to areas like kitchen windows helps to prevent insects from crawling over food items and work surfaces.

Choose from a wide variety of colours and styles to ensure they look great and match well with the décor of your room.

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Advantages of Installing Insect Screens At Home

There are numerous benefits that insect screens provide to any household, which makes them both a popular and essential choice for any home. Here are some of the key advantages of installing insect screens at home, have a look:

  • Insect screens restrict insect entry, while still providing great visibility and airflow.

  • These screens help to keep all the unwanted pests including mosquitoes, flies, insects and other household pests outside the home.

  • The strong mesh structure and frames of window security screens are quite difficult to tamper with, thus helps to prevent unwanted access and entry to your home and provide protection from home burglary attacks.

  • Security screens are an excellent solution for managing access and keeping children safe and within sight at home.

  • Insect screens are highly energy-efficient as they allow natural ventilation throughout the home, keeping the entire home cool during the warmer months. Further, they help to block out direct sunlight, which minimizes the buildup of heat inside the home. This can amount to significant energy savings.

From both practical health and safety purposes, insect screens have a large number of benefits for any home.

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Why to consider Shower Screens for Your Bathroom?

Are you looking for ways to transform your outdated, unattractive bathroom into a modern and attractive space? If yes, then installing shower screens are a perfect way to do so.

There are several benefits of installing shower screen, some of them are

  • Usually light and airy, a shower screen will provide your bathroom a greater sense of space, cleanliness and elegance.
  • Due to its light and open appearance,  semi frame-less shower screens are best suitable for smaller bathrooms.
  • Professionally designed and manufactured, shower screens are as practical as they are attractive.
  • Being exceptionally practical and attractive, a shower screen also adds value to your home.
  • Shower screens that are made of superior quality material are easy to clean and maintain.
  • Countless design options for shower screens allow you to fully integrate them into your bathroom space.

Give your bathroom a complete makeover by installing the best quality shower screen and make a big impression on your guests with minimal effort.

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Why to Install Fly Screen Doors at Home? [Infographic]

The infographic titled, ‘Fly Screen Doors to Enhance and Protect Your Home’, describes all about fly screen doors. Nowadays, there are a variety of mesh options available in the market for fly screen doors such as- fiberglass, aluminum, stainless steel and pet mesh.

Sliding and hinged are the two key applications of fly screen doors. Sliding screen doors, as the name suggests are made specifically for sliding doors. These are designed to be part of the door itself. Hinged screen doors on the other hand, are the screens that are hinged on to the side of your door frame, and open out on most occasions.

There are many advantages of installing fly screen doors at home. They allow sunlight and fresh air into your home, and keep your family members protected from various diseases that insects carry. With fly screen doors, you can save a lot of money on electricity used by air conditioning or fans. To know more about fly screen doors, please refer the given infographic.

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Key Benefits of Installing Insect Screens in Your Home

While protecting the home from various external factors like sun, rain, wind, dust and dirt, people often forget the insects that can cause harm to their loved ones. If you are concerned about the insects issue, but don’t know the right treatment, worry not. These days, you can easily find insect screens in the market. These screens are specifically designed to prevent insects from entering your home.

Below mentioned are some of the major benefits of insect screens:

  • Installing the best quality window insect screens at home is the best way to keep insects like flies and mosquitoes outside the home, thereby provide prevention from various diseases.
  • Insect screens for windows allow natural light to enter your home and you’ll be able to save on your energy bills.
  • Not only natural light, insect screens also enhance the airflow within your homes.
  • These kinds of screens offer an element of transparency by maintaining a perfect scenic view.

There are a number of companies in the market, offering affordable insect screens for windows. Choose the one that provides quality product, free consultation, installation and after sale services.

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All You Need to Know About Panel Blinds

Panel blinds are one of the best options for large sized windows and sliding doors. Available in a variety of sunscreen and privacy fabrics, they are easy to operate and provide a subtle yet elegant covering to your sliding doors. The number of panels required and their accurate dimensions will largely depend on the space you like to cover.

In terms of functionality and appearance, panel blinds for sliding doors have numerous advantages such as:
Easy installation: Panel blinds are quite easy to install. You just need to install the head-rail system above your door and clip on the panel, that’s it. It takes just a few minutes to install panel blinds.
Easy operation and wand controlled: Panel blinds are easy to operate by using a simple wand control to roll them open and closed. Further, they are easy to maintain.
Light control and privacy: With a number of panels in place you will have a complete control over the natural light entering into the room, while providing all the privacy you need.
Versatile: Panel blinds are extremely versatile and best suitable for a variety of configurations that can add splendid aesthetic solutions for most decors for both residential and commercial applications.
If you are planning to buy panel blinds for your home, make certain to choose a reputed and experienced company that provides an efficient service from start to finish.

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Transformed entrance – Gold Coast

January 30, 2015

When Ian and Jean Laing renovated their home of 13 years, the entrance was one area they wanted to improve. “Our front entrance was really wasted space without a meaningful purpose,” says Jean. “We wanted to enclose it in a way that would not only add space, but also character to our home.”

“Prowler Proof had a huge selection of Heritage design screen doors and we immediately found what we were looking for. The Prowler Proof dealer Burleigh Screens and Blinds were extremely helpful and professional. Not only did they provide the screen door but also the additional panels it took to complete the enclosure.”

“We are absolutely thrilled with the result. What used to be wasted space is now an extra room where we often enjoy our breakfast. The area gets the early morning sun and the breezes are just wonderful. We never close our front door any more so we’re getting a lot more light into our home as well.”

“Even from the outside our new veranda has made a huge difference. The Prowler Proof Heritage design front entrance has added character and style to our home. Ian and I couldn’t be happier with the result – it’s nothing short of perfect.”

Visit our project gallery below.

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Old world charm – Brisbane northside

April 1, 2014

After just 5 months in their new home, Maria and John got the phone call they dreaded: ‘There’s been an attempted burglary at your house’. A neighbour had heard the sound of breaking glass and notified the police. A young mother with a 6 month old baby, Maria didn’t want it to ever happen again. This is her story…

“I had only just left the house when a neighbour heard the sound of breaking glass from our property. She saw a man attempting to gain access and yelled out. Luckily her yelling was enough to scare him away and she called the police.”

“We had only been in the house for 5 months and found the situation very scary – especially since we’re a young family with a baby son. We talked to other home owners in our neighbourhood and they recommended contacting Taplin Security. Bill Ruddle junior, who owns the business with his father, came out and presented our options – it didn’t take long for us to decide on ForceField® security screens.”

“First of all it was the most impressive product in terms of security – which was obviously our main priority. But the looks were equally impressive. The stainless steel mesh is transparent – you don’t feel like you’re in a prison – and it blends in with the style and character of the house. The seamless corners is another design element that lifts ForceField® security screens above the other options we looked at.”

“We had a combination of ForceField® security doors, ForceField® security windows and Prowler Proof insect screens installed throughout our home. The team at Taplin Security was very helpful and the end result is even better than we had expected. Not only do we feel completely safe, the security screens and insect screens have made the house much more liveable. We used to close doors and windows all the time to stop mosquitoes and insects getting inside – installing Prowler Proof products has enabled us to open them and enjoy lovely breezes throughout the house.”

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